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Hebei Red Belt International

Hebei Red Belt International Trade Co., Ltd, the predecessor/parent company Hebei GuangRong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., was established in 2005 and has 15 years of experience in the supply of steel and electrical engineering materials. In 2020, Hebei Red Belt Trade Co., Ltd. was established. Focus on serving the needs of overseas customers, providing electrical product solutions, security product solutions, solar system and steel product supply.

The main products include consumer unit, distribution box, switchgear, circuit breaker, transformers, panel board, Ring Main Unit etc.; electronic fences, fences Nets, razor wire nets; solar panels, inverter, cabinet, and steel products, etc. Rooted in China for 15 years, with a strong supply chain network in China, based on this, we are committed to providing the highest quality product solutions for customers from all over of the world.

Since 2005,We supply an array of circuit breaker, transformers and steel for every raw or painted material requirement from 1*** to 8***.

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Wise build’s insect screen products reward a great success in Malaysia market
By taking over a screen factory that wise build step into the field of professional manufacturer of insect screen.

Latest technology----solar control glass is applied.
Different from the traditional Low-E glass,which is coated a film on one side of the glass to form the energy efficiency,the latest technology.

Wisebuild won a new apartment building project in Manila
As one of the most developed and open country in Southeast Asia,the Philippines is a good partner to wise build in the field of aluminum window and door.